Sunday, April 11

Waaaah! It's been forever I know. Babies! Children! Life!

Something tonight has prompted me to come back to this. Something I just feel as though I can't write about anywhere else.
Life lost too soon and in too silly and selfish a way.

A little over six months ago one of my dearest and oldest friends died from an accidental drug overdose. Yes, I'm still cross with him.
And I'm sad, really really sad.
I miss him every day but every now and then it just overwhelms me. I won't ever see him again. And we will never grow old together, which we had planned to do!
G and I met when we started kindy together at the age of 3. He was always a bit odd or maybe "half mad", just like Alice in the new Wonderland film, " All the best people are, you know".
A truly kindred spirit.
We went on to primary school together and it just felt like I'd always known him. He was a definite, a constant part of my life.
As adults I think we really came to appreciate each other and were better friends than ever before. G was the celebrant at my wedding and the godparent to my children. A stayer.

I wish.
It's funny you know, there's the cliche, "time heals all wounds". I don't think time is healing this one very well at all. In fact I feel as thought the more time that passes; the longer it is since I've seen him, since he has embraced me, since I have heard his voice.
Maybe more time is what's needed.
However much time is required to dull the pain, I know that the memory of a truly wonderful man will never be dulled. My children and I speak about G regularly and his influence on our lives and our hearts will always remain.
I miss you G. We all miss you.

Tuesday, January 8

going around and around in circles

Being unable to move with much speed or flexibility the last few weeks (my hips are killing me!) has left me with a whole lot of couch-sitting time. So i've been crocheting. I don't have wonderful skills so it has to be fairly simple. Going around and around in circles is pretty much right on the money as far as my days go - feeding, tidying up after and breaking up fights between my children (not to mention trying to come up with new and exciting ways to entertain them!) - repeat until bedtime. And in between crochet some circles!
This is just three different sized circles, using SWTC Oasis Soysilk and a 4mm hook. Easy peasy. I think this one is a birthday gift for a pretty lady i know.And now I've begun a baby blanket using exactly the same method except all the circles are the same size. I'm using whatever 8ply cotton I can find about the house. Round and round and round..........

Thursday, January 3

the title of my post goes here

Rustier than I thought. I'm finding myself in a not very bloggy state of mind. Being 36 and a half (yep, I'm feeling every day and every moment closer to my due date matters!!!) weeks pregnant in stupid hot weather doesn't seem to really be helping.
I think I stopped blogging mid last year as things started getting a bit hectic. My little sewing/etsy/market endeavour combined with kids just left me without the time to type and I have enough trouble getting my act together to take photos for etsy let alone for the blog. I just let it slide. Now that I've done with markets for the moment (I'm on "maternity leave") and my body just won't let me do very much I'm hoping I can pick it up again. A wee babe in a few weeks might throw a spanner in the works eh?
All I can do is try. I'm going to start by busting out the camera. I've got LOADS of un-photographed crafty treasures to show you!

Tuesday, January 1

the first

Okay, let me just clear away a few of the cobwebs. Aaah, there we are, it's been some time dear blog. Quite some time.
Lara reminded me recently that the last thing I'd posted about was poo. What must you all think of me? If indeed there are any of you?
So, it seems the first day of a new year is as good a place as any to try to resurrect my typing fingers and talk again to the internet at large. In fact I think it's quite a dandy place to start.
Um, so I've started. I'm going to have to do a bit better than this though aren't I? Maybe I'll come back tomorrow, the second say of the year, slightly less heat addled and do a better job. Yes, that's what I'll do. And I'll oil my typing fingers in preparation too, they're a little bit squeaky.

Wednesday, May 23

would you ever have imagined

that when a toddler eats a lot (like maybe 2 handfuls) of sultanas for aternoon tea, there will be grapes in her nappy the next morning? Yep, rehydrated sultanas..........

One of the little moments of joy peppered through my day!

Friday, April 20

oh my


i am still alive. just lacking in words. so much has been happening and i really should be writing about it, it's exciting and i will want to be able to come back to read about it and reminisce at some point down the track...

my shop at etsy is slowly getting there, i just need to make sure i put in the effort that is needed to keep it all well updated and exciting looking, i really need to learn how to take better product photos.

i am also having a fortnightly stall with megan (aka platypus face!!) at the rose st market which is really fun. if you're nearby on a saturday, pop in and say hi! our next one is april 28th, and then every second saturday.

and as a result of all this shop keeping i have been sewing a lot. a lot!

i love my new bags, i bought some of lara's beautiful fabric recently and the bags i have made with it are fantastic, if i do say so myself.

Wednesday, January 17

too hot, can't talk

Look at my cute baby instead.